Linda Roan

A native of Dallas, Linda attended South Oak Cliff High School where she met Oscar Roan.  
They were married during Oscar junior year at S.M.U. but soon after began having marital
problems.  With the marriage on the verge of divorce Oscar accepted Christ and began to live
the Christian life before Linda.
One year after Oscar became a Christian, Linda filled with turmoil, bitterness, and hate cried
out for the peace of mind she so desperately needed and prayed with Oscar to receive Christ.
Linda was sexually molested at the age of twelve by her father who had once been a minister.  
Her life as a victim of child abuse had been a battle.  The guilt, fear and insecurity caused
ulcers resulting in two operations and finally the removal of 60% of her stomach.
Since accepting Christ into her life.  Linda has become a new creature, a living testimony to
the grace and power of God to heal and restore from the hurts and scars from the past.
She was soon able to share with her husband the anguish of what had happened to her as a
child.  God began a progressive healing which led ultimately to deliverance from the physical,
emotional and spiritual wounds of the past.
In l974 Linda began to share her testimony and sing publicly.  She has detailed her struggles
and complete victory in Christ in her book, In My Search for Love, in the hope of helping
others who have been the victims of child abuse.  She has also recorded several
contemporary Christian albums. Side-by-side with Oscar, she has been involved in full-time
youth evangelism and ministry since l980.

Oscar Roan Ministries
P.O. Box 1026
Rockwall, TX. 75087